Volume 7 : Number 2 : Paper 2

December 2004 Special Issue of Best Papers presented at CLEI2003, La Paz, Bolivia. Guest Editors: Dr. Jose Carlos Maldonado (ICMC-USP, Brazil), Dr. Cesar Ibarra Guerrero (Bolivia), Dr. Adenilso da Silva Simao
Pump Scheduling Optimization Using Asynchronous Parallel

Authors and Affiliations:
Christian von Lucken, National Computing Center, National University of Asuncion
Benjamin Baran, National University of Asuncion, Paraguay
Aldo Sotelo, National Computing Center, National University of Asuncion

Optimizing the pump-scheduling is an interesting proposal to achieve
cost reductions in water distribution pumping stations. As systems
grow, pump-scheduling becomes a very difficult task. In order to
attack harder pump-scheduling problems, this work proposes the use
of parallel asynchronous evolutionary algorithms as a tool to aid in
solving an optimal pump-scheduling problem. In particular, this work
considers a pump-scheduling problem having four objectives to be
minimized: electric energy cost, maintenance cost, maximum power
peak, and level variation in a reservoir.
Parallel and sequential versions of different evolutionary
algorithms for multi-objective optimization were implemented and
their results compared using a set of experimental metrics. Analysis
of metric results shows that our parallel asynchronous
implementation of evolutionary algorithms is effective in searching
for solutions among a wide range of alternative optimal pump
schedules to choose from.

Received , Revised
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