Volume 7 : Number 2 : Paper 1

December 2004 Special Issue of Best Papers presented at CLEI2003, La Paz, Bolivia. Guest Editors: Dr. Jose Carlos Maldonado (ICMC-USP, Brazil), Dr. Cesar Ibarra Guerrero (Bolivia), Dr. Adenilso da Silva Simao
A Calculus for Reconfigurable Component-Based Systems

Authors and Affiliations:
Cidcley Teixeira de Souza, Federal Center of Technological Education of Cear
Paulo Roberto Freire Cunha, Federal University of Pernambuco, Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil, 50732-970

The concept of reconfigurable systems is almost always
restricted to the abstract design level, in which configuration
languages are used to manipulate software connections. In this
paper, we propose to deal with reconfiguration abstraction also in
the formal specification level. We show that the process algebra
pi-calculus, widely applied to specify composable systems, is not
suitable to capture all the properties required by these kinds of
systems. To deal with these restrictions of pi-calculus, we propose
the Rpi-calculus. Rpi-calculus is a pi-calculus extension that uses
the concept of components as unit of specification. Its semantics
allows for the reconfiguration of formal specifications in the same
way configuration languages do.

Received , Revised
Full paper, 18 pages [ PDF, 647 Kb ]