Volume 7 : Number 1 : Paper 6

June 2004 Special Issue of Best Papers presented at JIISIC'2003. Valdivia, Chile. Guest Editor: Cecilia Bastarrica.
Conceptual Microarchitectures for Hydrologic Simulation Models

Authors and Affiliations:
Adriana Urciuolo,
Rodolfo Iturraspe,
Ariel Parson,

Mathmatical Hydrologic models simulate real world environmental processes through different strategies. Each process is calculated by means of methods that utilize physical parameters for representing the real world system. some parameters are obtained from tables, some of them are optimized and others may be calculated using environmental variables. Although the domain software provides a wide range of models, there is not a conceptual architecture that allows the maintenance of the vast knowledge about simulation strategies and parameters collected in environmental management organizations, facilitating the flexible simulation scenarios configuration. The present work shows how to face this problem by means of conceptual analysis models organized in the scope of a general architecture.

It's also possible for the given architecture, to analyze and define microarchitectures for software components releated to particular problems.

In the present work, conceptual microarchitectures are definesd to construct a knowlegde level for hydrologic models systems starting from a general conceptual Environmental Information Systems architecture. To get the required flexibility for the conceptual and design models, high-level components are identified and different kinds of patterns are applied.

Received 08/04/2004, Revised , Editor: Cecilia Bastarrica
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