Volume 7 : Number 1 : Paper 5

June 2004 Special Issue of Best Papers presented at JIISIC'2003. Valdivia, Chile. Guest Editor: Cecilia Bastarrica.
Ontology and XML-based Specifications for Collaborative B2B Relationships

Authors and Affiliations:
Maria Laura Caliusco, GIDSATD-UTN , Facultad Regional Santa Fe, Argentina
Maria Rosa Galli, INGAR-UTN-CONICET, Santa Fe, Argentina, S3002GJC,
Omar Chiotti, INGAR - CONICET , SANTA FE, Argentina

A collaborative B2B relationship implies jointly executing business processes. This relationship demandsa complete access to available information and knowledge to support decision-making activities betweentrading partners. To support information interchange between enterprises in collaborative B2B e-commerce there are some XML-based standards technologies, like RosettaNet, ebXML and OAGIS.However, XML does not express semantics by itself. So, these standards only provide an infrastructure tosupport the information interchange. They are suitable
to integrate information but not to supportdecision-making activities where a common understanding of the information is needed. In this paper weanalyze the integration of these standards with ontology to describe the meaning of the information andknowledge interchanged between trading partners to jointly execute business processes. Furthermore, wedefine the main components of an ontology development environment to support the entire ontologylifecycle.

Received 08/04/2004, Revised , Editor: Cecilia Bastarrica
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