Volume 7 : Number 1 : Paper 4

June 2004 Special Issue of Best Papers presented at JIISIC'2003. Valdivia, Chile. Guest Editor: Cecilia Bastarrica.
A development platform and execution environment for mobile applications

Authors and Affiliations:
Guillermo Licea Sandoval, Facultad de Ciencias Qu

Small computing devices are everywhere changing the way people communicateand interact, however applications for these devices are developed more or lesswith the same tools used for conventional computer applications. Developersof handheld computer applications can find few options for development. Inthis paper we present MADEE a development and execution environment formobile information systems running on handheld computers. This environmentallows the implementation of mobile information systems faster and easier thanusing conventional developing tools, including support for conventionalcomputer applications.

Received 08/04/2004, Revised , Editor: Cecilia Bastarrica
Full paper, 18 pages [ PDF, 1670 Kb ]