Volume 11 : Number 2 : Paper 6

December 2008 Special Issue of Best Papers presented at CLEI 2007, San Jose, Costa Rica
Are women becoming extinct in the Computer Science and Informatics Program?

Authors and Affiliations:
Gabriela Marin, Escuela de Ciencias de la Computacion e Informatica, Universidad de Costa Rica
E. Gabriela Barrantes, Escuela de Ciencias de la Computacion e Informatica, Costa Rica
Silvia Chavarria, Posgrado en Computacion e Informatica, Universidad de Cota Rica, Costa Rica

In recent times a dramatically decreasing tendency in female participation in Computer Science has been documented around the world. When this occurs, it creates a series of problems that must be addressed. For the case of the undergraduate and graduate programs in Computer Science and Informatics at the
Universidad de Costa Rica, we present evidence that (a) women are under-represented at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and (b) the relative frequency of women in the undergraduate (but not graduate!) levels is effectively decreasing, and (c) women are more efficient at both graduating and getting admitted to graduate programs. Based on the available data, we confirm that the differences are not because
of some inherent female deficiency but due to gender issues.

Received April, 2007, Revised Dec, 2008 , Editor: Manuel Bermudez, Marcelo Jenkins
Full paper, 11 pages [ PDF, 196 Kb ]