Volume 9 : Number 2 : Paper 2

December 2006 Regular Issue and Special Issue of Best Papers presented at CLEI 2005, Cali, Colombia. Special Issue Guest Editor: Camilo Rueda
Integrity Constraint Checking in Distributed Nested Transactions over a Database Cluster

Authors and Affiliations:
Stephane Gancarski, Laboratoire d
Claudia Leon, Centro de Computaci
Hubert Naacke, Laboratoire d
Marta Rukoz, Centro de Computaci
Pablo Santini, Centro de Computaci

This paper presents a solution to check referential integrity constraints and conjunctive
global constraints in a relational multi database system. It also presents the experimental
results obtained by implementing this solution over a PC cluster with Oracle9i DBMS.
The goal of those experimentations is to measure the time spent to check global
constraints in a distributed systems. The results show that the overhead induced by our
distributed constraint checking is reduced by 50% compared to a centralized checking of

Received June, 22, 2006, Revised October, 17, 2006 , Editor: Camilo Rueda
Full paper, 13 pages [ PDF, 447 Kb ]