Volume 8 : Number 2 : Paper 2

December 2005 Regular Issue with two Papers selected from CIESC 2004
Convergence Through a Weak Consistency Model: Timed Causal Consistency

Authors and Affiliations:
Francisco J. Torres-Rojas, Centro de Investigacion en Computaci
Esteban Meneses, Centro de Investigaciones en Computaci

Given a distributed system with several shared objects and many processes concurrently updating and reading them, it is convenient that the system achieves convergence on the value of these objects. Such property can be guaranteed depending on the consistency model being employed. Causal Consistency is a weak consistency model that is easy and cheap to implement. However, due to the lack of real-time considerations, this model cannot o_er convergence. A solution for overcoming that problem is to include time aspects within the framework of the model. This is the aim of Timed Causal Consistency.

Received May, 16, 2004, Revised November, 16, 2005 , Editor: Mauricio Solar
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